It has always been like that. When I was a little boy, I put my toy cars in a row, sorted by size. Also, I colored the complete pavement in the back garden, every tile in a different tone. When growing up, life pushes you in different directions. You make certain choices. But when I look back now, rhythm and color have been the basis of virtually everything I make, both in my spare time and professionally as well.

This website is created to present the results of self empowerment. It is about turning habits, that me or others found ‘abnormal’, into qualities that can be used to stand-out, to make the world a bit more colorful, or just to be nice. Weakness becomes power, restriction makes creative.

First I just hope you like it, like what I make. Most projects on this website do not serve a purpose, there was no goal and no concept to start with (those things I save for my professional work ;). Generally these ideas just emerge from my subconsciousness. There is no why, no what. Everybody is free to see it as they like, to give it a meaning as they want. Is it art? I don’t know, art is just a word used afterwards to put certain stuff in a box, so people can┬áname things that are otherwise too undefined.

Have fun, stay young, use your pain and strange habits to empower yourself. Keep the inner child. And do, just do.