Candy McCandy face

Slurpy, messy, shiny. This is Mr. Candy McCandyface. Never satisfied, always longing for more. Appetite becomes Gluttony, when do you cross the line? This sculpture is part of a threesome, together with Mr. Sugatumo and Bearhead. Don’t we all….


We all know, these tiny little yummy gummi bears. The original ones come in 6 colors, 6 different tastes. But did you know they could actually look like this? Aesthetically pleasing and such? The Bearhead sculpture partially takes of his masks and shows you the beauty of the bears: This sculpture is part of aContinue reading “Bearhead”


Hundreds of Playmobil mannekins laying around. A colorful shop stuffed with amazing knitware accress the street. That is a toxic combination. I had to hold myself back, so ended up with only three mono-colored balls (they even have gradient ones!) of wool. A blue puppet got a blue fur coat, with white stitches, how elegent.Continue reading “Wolfie”