Candy McCandy face

Slurpy, messy, shiny. This is Mr. Candy McCandyface. Never satisfied, always longing for more. Appetite becomes Gluttony, when do you cross the line? This sculpture is part of a threesome, together with Mr. Sugatumo and Bearhead. Don’t we all….


We all know, these tiny little yummy gummi bears. The original ones come in 6 colors, 6 different tastes. But did you know they could actually look like this? Aesthetically pleasing and such? The Bearhead sculpture partially takes of his masks and shows you the beauty of the bears: This sculpture is part of aContinue reading “Bearhead”

Machine beertjes

I had a dream. It had little bears in it. Shiny bears, are they sweaty, jelly? They all had little red nuclear energy cores, little machines that kept them going. Price: 350 euro, including packaging and shipping.

Locomotive Posters

Sinds jaar en dag blog ik over nieuwe moderne treinen. Eerst een hobby, nu een serieuze aangelegenheid. Maar de artiest in me, laat me niet met rust. Een product van kennis, overzicht en design zijn de Railcolor posters. Grote prints van mooie kwaliteit die een kleurrijk overzicht geven van treinen van een bepaalde fabrikant. VanContinue reading “Locomotive Posters”

The Berlin Street Candy Project

Arriving in mid-winter Berlin, is not an uplifting experience. The city is gritty, brownish, grey. But behind these cold facades, distant stone exteriors, something is brewing. From the inside-out, creativity, inspiration is pouring through, coming out of every crack, every hole. And when the sun is there, its rays of light free the hidden Berlin.Continue reading “The Berlin Street Candy Project”