Nope, there is no such thing as coincidence. Not after finding a bag filled with colored balls (12 different colors!) just at my doorstep, left behind, for anyone to have, ‘zum Mitnehmen’. This was set up, just to inspire me.


I took them home. Put them in my bath, as that is there natural habitat right? But that means chaos, I need to put them in order. So we went out…

Around the MTV headquarters in Berlin, and some more buildings of capitalist trend setters, there is a refurbished harbor area, along the Spree river. In the old days, the building were rail connected warehouses. 201503_railballs_04

Now the rails only serve a aesthetic purpose, fitting in with the trending ‘industrial look and feel’ of the area.

The balls loved the rails, and vice versa. So many lines, so many guidance and grids.

Berlin is such a nice backdrop for colorful projects, as it is (in winter) almost completely built up from grey and brownish color tones.


Extra: Railballs ‘n’ Blocks