Hundreds of Playmobil mannekins laying around. A colorful shop stuffed with amazing knitware accress the street. That is a toxic combination.

I had to hold myself back, so ended up with only three mono-colored balls (they even have gradient ones!) of wool.


A blue puppet got a blue fur coat, with white stitches, how elegent. Wolfie was born. We went out together, finding ourselves in a gritty but interesting world that was a perfect stage for our first photoshoot.

Very, soon Wolfie got company, in yellow and red. Sergio came along, with his yellow trench coat, never taking of his matching, bright yellow hat.

Finally, the man in red was added, a simple guy, putting the others back on their feet. Also, he showed them around in Friedrichshain, as their eyes got fashion-aly blinded.