Work 17004 #He will not divide us

I make stuff? Why, because I have to. Because I have to get things out of my system. Everyday, I am more surprised and disgusted by with people on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean are willing to do to gain power, to celebrate their ego, to break down fundamental rights for which so many people have fought, died even. And for what purpose? What is the greater goal in this? Where is the light, how is it going to help earth, our sinking ship?

It is important to stick together, to talk to each other, to get in contact as much as possible. I am not a great communicator myself, but I feel disbelief, I feel fear. So I used this negative energy to protest in my own way.


#Hewillnotdivideus refers to the 4-year protest project by Labeouf, Rönkkö & Turner. A livecam is broadcasting people delivering the words ‘He will not divide us’.

“In this way, the mantra acts as a show of resistance or insistence, opposition or optimism, guided by the spirit of each individual participant and the community.”

The work is made to show solidarity with all people that refuse to accept the ‘populist reality’. Never get used to this, it is not normal. It will never be.


A variation I made on the end result:


Candy Carpet

My first exhibition was there. Three days of hanging around my own colorful pieces. That’s just not for me. I need a goal, a purpose, something to kill time with. So I made a carpet, a candy carpet, made out of 18 kilo’s of sweet stuff. Funny thing: many visitors actually did see it as a carpet, felt invited and walked over the colorful pathway…


And Anne Roos did like it too:

Candy carpet at my friend @simonwijnakker ‘s exhibition #art #carpet #cartpet

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We all know, these tiny little yummy gummi bears. The original ones come in 6 colors, 6 different tastes. But did you know they could actually look like this? Aesthetically pleasing and such? The Bearhead sculpture partially takes of his masks and shows you the beauty of the bears:



This sculpture is part of a threesome, together with Mr. Sugatumo and Candy McCandyface.

Locomotive Posters

Sinds jaar en dag blog ik over nieuwe moderne treinen. Eerst een hobby, nu een serieuze aangelegenheid. Maar de artiest in me, laat me niet met rust. Een product van kennis, overzicht en design zijn de Railcolor posters. Grote prints van mooie kwaliteit die een kleurrijk overzicht geven van treinen van een bepaalde fabrikant. Van dichtbij een gedetaillieerd overzicht, van veraf een kleurrijk kunstwerk.


Er zijn inmiddels drie verschillende posters verschenen. Meer dan 750 exemplaren zijn verkocht aan liefhebbers over de gehele wereld. Wil ook zo’n kleurrijk overzicht aan de muur? Ze zijn alledrie verkrijgbaar in de Railcolor Webshop.

The Berlin Street Candy Project

Arriving in mid-winter Berlin, is not an uplifting experience. The city is gritty, brownish, grey. But behind these cold facades, distant stone exteriors, something is brewing. From the inside-out, creativity, inspiration is pouring through, coming out of every crack, every hole.

And when the sun is there, its rays of light free the hidden Berlin. It colorful versatility comes out. Berlin becomes on big rainbow open-air. Enjoy.










Miami Paprika

This one was burning on my SD Disk for quite a while. A nice after summer shoot, here at the Berlin streets, with some colorful tomatoes and paprikas. The nice thing here, I did not do any selection. These vegetables just came as such, packed together, and a worked with what I got, directly coming from the Aldi super market.

However, the result was uhm, a bit boring. Time for some distortion experiment. What do you think?

Screen shot 2015-10-08 at 4.33.21 PM